Only pay per deletion credit repair services

Welcome to Credit Patient LLC where we offer pay per deletion credit repair services.

Quick question for you: Have you ever heard of the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA)?

Well, it’s real, and according to this Federal Law it’s illegal to charge clients for credit repair, before credit repair services are performed.

We don’t break laws here at Cred School so that means I’m going to work on your credit for free!

Credit Patient LLC offers pay per deletion credit repair, so you only pay if and when you get results.

There is a catch though.

See, monthly credit report updates aren’t free, but they are inexpensive and informative. It’s a requirement that you provide your credit reports so that I can analyze them for discrepancies and know what accounts to work.

There’s an endless number of Credit Monitoring Services available to the public, but some are better than others. To achieve the best results, we encourage you to get your credit reports from our preferred partner.

It’s the credit monitoring service we are most familiar with and it provides what is essentially a live broadcast of your credit reports. It also contains very detailed information that is very helpful in generating effective disputes.

Start your 7-day trial for only $1

Then starting on the day after the trial you’ll be billed $29.90 on a monthly basis so we can see the results of our disputes.

Now again, with the exception of the credit monitoring service, you only pay per deletion, so I’ve researched, put a lot of thought into, and decided on a fair and reasonable payment structure.

Here’s how much you’re looking at:


$5 per deletion, per bureau

(Inaccurate names, inaccurate birthdates, previous addresses, previous employers)


$25 per deletion, per bureau

(You get these on your credit report every time you apply for credit, and too many can cause a lot of damage)


$100 per deletion, per bureau

(Any negative account in which the debt has been paid off, charged off, and/or sold to a collections agency)


$200 per deletion, per bureau

(Includes all bankruptcies and judgements)

If you have a long credit history and a bunch of negative accounts you need deleted from your credit reports, the bill can really pile up.

However, you’ll love your experience working with Credit Patient and our pay per deletion credit repair program in which you aren’t charged until you get results.

If you’re interested in becoming a Credit Patient, I encourage you to complete the new patient registration form.

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