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Free Credit Repair Services. You’re Only Billed After We Get Results

No Upfront Fee Credit Repair Pay Per Deletion

The 6 Steps to Achieving Results With Our No Upfront Fee Credit Repair Program


Before we dispute anything, add a security freeze to your accounts with the 3 major data furnishers — LexisNexis, Innovis, and SageStream. Most people don’t understand that the bureaus use these third-party personal database servers to match consumers to their negative accounts. You can look up each website and figure out how to freeze them yourself, but the direct links will be available after registering as a client.

Personal Information

We will start with your personal information. We want to remove as much personal information as possible. You only have one name, one birth year, one phone number, and one home address. For example, don’t dispute a credit card account being reported by Equifax if the address you used when you applied for that credit card is also being reported by Equifax. You don’t want them to be able to verify your account in 20 seconds.

Dispute Letters

After analyzing your credit reports, we will generate challenges and disputes accordingly. They’ll be tailored to suit your specific credit file and maximize effectiveness. We will cover postage unless you want your dispute sent via certified mail. That cost will be added to your deletions invoice when the time comes. Responses to our disputes will be delivered to your home address and it’s important that you forward it to us. A clear photo of the document via email will suffice.

Sent Letter

We will personally prepare and send your disputes via USPS, Certified Mail if purchased, in a timely but not frivolous manner. We have no reason to waste time but disputing every negative account in one letter won’t fly with the credit bureaus. It’s all about sending disputes deliberately at the right time for each account, and in such a way that doesn’t show desperation. From a 30-day late payment on a credit card account, to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, any negative item can be removed from any individual’s credit reports. Whether or not you do the necessary steps before disputing, will ultimately determine the results of those disputes.

Hour Glass

We wait 30-45 days for a response from your creditors and major credit bureaus, meanwhile our Credit Specialists will educate you on easy ways to build personal credit, as well as maintaining your new improved credit score. To have excellent credit (850) you need at least 20 total accounts being reported, about half should be open, revolving, and in good standing, and the other half should be reported as closed and paid as agreed. On-time payment history of 100%, overall credit utilization under 7% and no more than 2 hard inquires in the past 2 years. The goal is to make your credit reports reflect that. Learn a new inexpensive way to add positive accounts to your credit report.


We receive responses from the creditors and the credit bureaus. It’s likely several deletions will be reflected on your updated reports. You’ll then be obligated to pay accordingly. We have arranged a payment structure based only on deletions. Not corrections or additions. It’s been simplified into 4 categories and 4 prices. We’d lay it out for you right here right now, but I have a whole page dedicated to explaining my pricing structure, plus it even opens in a new tab. We have also created 2 additional payment options at patient’s request. One-time fee upfront (for those who prefer to set it and forget it,) and a simple monthly recurring at $79.


They worked on my credit reports for over 2 months without charging me a penny. When my updated reports started coming back showing a lot of deletions, my bill really started to pile up, but I was paying for results. Rare approach to credit repair in my experience.”

“A private practice credit repair agent who offers credit repair with no upfront fees. I was sick of giving a company my personal information and a couple documents and walking away.”

Impressed by how much I am involved. Regularly emailing me a pdf version of each dispute letter generated on my behalf. Also, I get return receipts to my mailbox for each dispute. They use SDC-3810 certified mail envelopes!

Certified Mailing Label

Welcome to Credit Patient LLC where we offer no upfront fee credit repair services otherwise known as pay per deletion credit repair. Basically, what this means is we will work on your creditf for free until we get negative items deleted off your credit reports. At that time, you will be required to pay according to our pay per deletion payment structure.

When you make the decision to become a client of ours, be prepared to have a thorough, likely uncomfortable discussion regarding ALL the personal details involved in your PAST financial circumstances, situations, responsibilities, and possible mistakes.

There are certain steps we will take before, during, and after the credit repair process. Keep in mind Credit Patient LLC can only keep its doors open if deletions are made. Our strategy to profit as a business is to make a significant positive change to your credit reports. We’re also incentivized to do it right and as quickly as possible, which is a good thing for our clients.

You’ll learn these steps when we meet and have our first phone conversation. Upon registering be prepared to spend a decent amount of time (at least an hour) on the phone with one of our Certified Credit Specialists. No distractions. If you want to get this done once and for all, you must be ready. We need your enthusiasm, trust, honesty, and your full cooperation and dedication to the process. That’s the only way to get results.

Register for Free Credit Repair

(Until we get results)

Look at our simple payment structure so you have a better idea of how much it would cost to completely wipe your credit reports of every negative mark, hard inquiry, and inaccurate personal information item. Divide that total in half and that’s the best realistic estimate as far as the cost is concerned after everything is said and done. There’s a possibility that you could be one of the few unfortunate people who has an unrepairable credit score. An unrepairable credit score is the result of having done so much damage to their reputation in the eyes of banks and lenders. You were granted credit, you spent it all without making a single payment, and then you “ghosted” the bank or lender. That bank or lender is going to do everything they can to make sure that information stays on your credit reports and preventing you from doing it again.

After you register and upload your required documents, you’ll need to

Order Your 3 Bureau Reports and Scores for $1

Developing a Close Business Relationship

Yes, that’s right. We are going to become very close. Similar to the relationship you have with your doctor. Only difference will be what we talk about. Instead of talking about your physical health, we will be talking intimately about your credit score. Also, the intricate details of how it got where it currently stands.

We will schedule weekly phone appointments lasting anywhere from a few minutes to 45 minutes. This is time for you to ask any question and/or provide any new information, as well as time for me to ask you any questions and inform you of any concerns or problems we have run into while repairing your credit. If there is nothing new to discuss you’re still expected to take our weekly scheduled call so we can stay motivated and on track.

Maximize the effectiveness of our disputes and challenges to give your creditors and the credit bureaus a run for their money. You’ll need to think hard and do your best to remember past information associated with the negative accounts being reported on your credit reports.

ALL information will remain confidential and will not pertain to your current financial circumstances, under most circumstances. Either way your information is safe and will not be sold to third parties. We’re going to build a strong business relationship and growth mindset together. We hope you respect our ethical approach to provide free no upfront fee credit repair in which you only pay per deletion. We look forward to working with you and seeing you back to financial stability.

Watch the Short Video Below for a Basic Understanding of Our Credit Repair Services

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